Hello. I’m Roger Cahak.

What does a career in media and communications have in common with mental health counseling? The connection is “story,” which is at the heart of both of these crafts. In my 25+ years of work as a writer, filmmaker, journalist, and media executive, I have facilitated connection, catharsis, and emotional engagement. I’m curious about what makes people tick. That curiosity, coupled with advanced listening skills and authentic empathy, has defined my storytelling and, now, my approach to counseling clients. I use my education, skills, and accumulated life experience to mentor people through the challenges they face. In short, I help clients become the authors of their stories.

I am a regular contributor to Psychology Today and Medium. In addition to my work as a writer, I earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northeastern Illinois University. I am a proponent of active listening, ongoing self-improvement, healthy masculinity, and integrative wellness. My approach life centers on the precepts of gratitude, connection, empathy, integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Most importantly, I am a proud father and doting grandfather, filled with intense love and admiration for my family. I’m also a son, brother, uncle, and loyal friend to a cherished group of wonderful people.

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